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love the music
love all the songs great music great brother in my heart
Hello Tom, miss you. I'll be downloading some of your songs to my new iPod.
Tom Lang, one of the funniest people I've ever talked to!!! He defiantly made my day today. It makes me excited to know that I get to talk to him again. Luck i tell you. ;)
Hello everyone at Fifth Wheel. I would like to say you guys have a very nice site. I love all the music there. Dee
I love the music and the way u sing sends me.
I love the music and the way u sing sends me.
your wonderful mike love your singing your music and you are a great song writer I will kee listening to your music always your going to make your songs a hit I lay your music all the time
The music is very nice and not what you hear everyday on the radio, wish we could get more like this
Very nice cite. I love the music.
Awesome !! Hugs 4 Camilla and all the Guys Sincerely Geena lee
Hi. Johnny
So glad to see this tour coming. This is something I wanted 20 years ago. I am a retired over the road driver and Ronnie Allen is my cousin and would love to see them if they get over by Indiana.
Have a GREAT tour...Keep Mike under control....I'll see you when your tour gets to Middle Tennessee.
Looking forward to seeing your shows in the Phoenix area. Love that old school country music! Safe travels to you all!
Can't wait to cross the pond to meet you all thanks and God bless/
Well done all of you can't wait to get over the big pond to meet you all. Gad bless you all!
All I can say is you all are marvelous and just drive safely and know that GODS in Control and BE SAFE