Ronnie Allen


Ronnie was born in Corvallis Oregon in 1959 to the very musical family of Don and Betty Hugley.  A natural musician, Ronnie’s music debut was at the young age age of  2 1/2 years old when he played on a radio show in Sweet Home, Oregon.  At the age of 10 years old Ronnie began to play lead and ryhthm guitar, steel guitar and bass, along with singing. 


Ronnie was hired to play Bass for the 'Sneed Family Band'.  He toured with the band and then returned to his family in Sweet Home Oregon.  Ronnie then formed a band with his family called “The Redheads”.  The family later changed the band name to the “Surefire Country Band”.  Ronnie’s career was mostly influenced by Buck Owens and Don Rich.  Ronnie can play in Don Rich's style like no one else.  Listen to his music and you’ll surely agree. After years of diligent and disciplined music studies, Ronnie’s time and talents opened many doors in the music industry.  Ronnie played on stage with many of the worlds super stars such as: George Jones, Buck Ownes, Conway Twitty and many more. 


In 2007, Ronnie Allen released his 'Tribute To Buck Owens' CD.  Ronnie's father played Bass on the CD.  However, his dad became ill and was unable to hear the CD before he passed away.  Ronnie’s family roots, passions and talents in music run deep.  With a fundamental foundation of love for his family, Ronnie spent his time at home caring for his father and mother before they passed away.


Ronnie is a master guitar player and vocalist.  When you hear Ronnie play you’ll think you’re listening to Buck Owens and Don Rich themselves.


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